Warman Physio is pleased to be the chosen location for a support group for moms. This informal support is a way to create community, connections, and allow us to give back to our community. Thank you to Darla of Postpartum Darla for bringing this offering to our space.

Motherhood can be hard, but you aren’t alone.

Whether you are expecting a baby or are the mom to an angel baby, an infant, toddler, or an older child, you are welcome to attend this group. Meet other moms, celebrate the highs, and comfort and encourage each other through the challenges. Join us for this informal, supportive discussion.

Primarily facilitated by Darla Read, a postspartum doula based in Warman, with support from Haylie Lashta, physiotherapist/owner of Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness, this group is open to all moms and expectant moms. If you require more support for postpartum depression, breastfeeding, or anything else, please advise one of the facilitators, and we will provide you with further resources and help.

Babies and children welcome. Please bring toys to keep older children occupied. Nut-free snacks welcomed. We have a few chairs and exercise mats, but you are welcome to bring blankets and pillows.

By donation. Please register so we can have the space ready for you, and aren’t overcrowded. Register through our Book Now OR with Post Partum Darla

Note: We come as moms first. Many moms are also business owners, but we ask that any talk of your business take place after the meeting so that we maintain a safe space for sharing our experiences.