This group is intended for women both during pregnancy and post-partum.  As the name implies children of all ages are welcome to accompany mommy to the group to play, sleep, etc while mom works out.

The concept behind this group comes from Physiotherapy clinical knowledge of muscle strength and length imbalances that often lead to pain and discomfort during pregnancy and post-partum.

During pregnancy there are many hormones that help our bodies go through the miraculous process of labour and delivery. Changes continue into the post-partum period when our bodies are producing nourishment for our new little bundles of joy. These hormones create a laxity through our skeletal structure, as such, if your muscles are not well balanced before, during and after pregnancy it can manifest in movement related pain and discomfort.

By correcting these muscle imbalances, through proper supervised exercise we can reduce or eliminate pain. Since this group will be created focusing on fundamentals of strength you will find that over time, and with the right commitment, you can be a stronger, healthier you.

All sessions’ duration are variable- $10/class when purchased as a session package, and $15/class to drop-in (space permitting).

To save your space in the class, or to determine if this class is right for you, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.