Here at Warman Physio we book our clients individual appointments. When you schedule an appointment we book it for you – and no one else. We do not double book and do our best to be ready for your appointment start time.  As a result, the therapists request you hold and arrive on time your scheduled appointments.

Often the public is not aware that the therapists only receive payment when they deliver a service. This means a missed appointment or a short-notice cancellation results in not being able to provide the space to other clients seeking services, but does end up being costly to the therapists themselves.

Keeping this in mind, our cancellation policy is as follows. If a client does not show-up for their appointment, or a minimum 24 hours’ notice is not provided, the client is responsible to pay the full cost of the treatment that was scheduled. This policy pertains to all third party payers as well, and the cost of the appointment will be paid by the client.

We have several ways to be reached to be notified of cancellation including phone and e-mail. Should the clinic not be notified prior to the 24-hour notice period and leaving a message, the policy will be held.

**Special COVID-19 Considerations**

At Warman Physio we are committed to the health and wellness of our clients through all facets of care. As such during this time of increased public awareness surrounding COVID-19 we are touching base on the current recommendations. These recommendations are in a constant state of flux and should there be any significant changes you may find we are sending multiple communications to ensure we are keeping everyone up to date.

At this time we are continuing to provided needed care for services at both the Warman location. We have specific protocols in place for infection risk mitigation strategies that are in-force regardless of the current pandemic, and we have additional precautions we are taking in clinic as therapists and support staff. We are asking that our clients assist us in mitigating risk through increasing general hygiene practices, and social distancing as needed.

At our clinic we do see individuals that are at higher risk of infection and potential complications of the COVID-19 virus. In addition the individuals that attend the clinic may also have friends, family, and loved ones that would be at greater risk. We are here to support our clients and community in a safe and effective manner. During this time the cancellation policy is under specific discretion and is waived for any and all COVID precautionary measures/considerations.

I know first hand how things like this can quickly turn into a panic, as my dad has been diagnosed with CLL (blood cancer) for over 15 years. I am and have been acutely aware of the infection management and risks throughout this time frame and have an extensive working knowledge of immunocompromised individuals through personal experience. We deeply appreciate you choosing us, and supporting our efforts!

NOTE – we understand that extenuating circumstances can and do arise even for those that are the best prepared. Your therapist may make an exception to the above policies on those rare occasions.