Movement and coordination evaluation

Bed wetting can be an extremely frustrating problem to have, for kids and their parents. Why does it happen? What might be causing it? How can physio help? Pediatric pelvic health physiotherapy is an integral part of the care team for children that are experiencing persistent bed wetting aka nocturnal enuresis. Many children go through […]

Many people are aware that physiotherapy can help with injuries from sports or car accidents, but did you know there is physio that can help with your bladder problems? Not just any physiotherapist can assist you with your leaky bladder, we need to take a little bit of extra training to become a Pelvic Health […]

We have mentioned before about the predicament with completing ‘kegels’ (or the contraction phase of the kegel alone is what most end up doing). This has an inherent potential impact on labor and delivery. Now there is new research out of the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology about the impact that […]

You may have seen that our Saskatoon location is now open for appointments. Signe Bone is providing some new treatment techniques for Warman Physio, and one of those treatments is CranioSacral Therapy. We thought our clients would like to know what CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is all about! The Basics – Where it started CST was […]

Family Focused – What does that MEAN?

We see many people talking about being family friendly, kid friendly, family centred, or family focused in their business. What does this truly mean at Warman Physio? When looking to start the clinic, I had worked in several places that were “family friendly”, but didn’t have any change tables, toys, or ways to keep kids […]

You’ve already read all about WHY pelvic health is also important for men, now let’s dive into a case study! Case Study – Male Pelvic Health CT is a 43 year old male seeking help because he is having problems with leaking urine whenever he does physical activity. He has also been experiencing consistent sharp/burning […]