You’ve already read all about WHY pelvic health is also important for men, now let’s dive into a case study! Case Study – Male Pelvic Health CT is a 43 year old male seeking help because he is having problems with leaking urine whenever he does physical activity. He has also been experiencing consistent sharp/burning […]

Pelvic floor dysfunction is not just a problem for women… after all, everyone has a pelvic floor! A study by MacLennan et al, reported that 4.4% of men have self reported problems with urinary incontinence (inability to control urine) (1). If you take the population of Saskatoon, which in July of 2018 was reported at […]

At Warman Physio we have been working hard behind the scenes to get a secondary location going for all the clients that are unable to get out to Warman. We are pleased to announce that as of June 3, 2019 we will be located in Saskatoon! To top it off, we are not only opening […]

We are so thrilled to be offering a second annual FUN RUN (or walk!) and BBQ this year on June 15th! We again will be providing a variety of distance options (2km, 5km, 10km) as well as family and group/corporate options for participating! Last year we were so fortunate to have 60 (HOLY SMOKES!) runners […]

Lightning Crotch. Ouch! Our pubic symphysis is the point where the two halves of our pelvis meet in front – the bone at the top and front of the groin. For those that have had pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD) or “lightning crotch” you well know that this can go from slightly irritating pain to WHAT […]

SIJ pain – sacroiliac joint – that lower than low back pain that is off to the side but not quite your butt… This pain is commonly aggravated by rolling in bed, standing on one leg (getting dressed!), walking, and getting into/out of a vehicle… Check out the case study and information we have on […]