ATTENTION: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Warman Physio team is now offering telehealth services which allows us to continue to support you from the comfort of your own home. Virtual services are available for Physiotherapy, Counselling, and Nutrition services.

Please note that the cost of services will be increasing as of January 1, 2021. All appointments made will be subject to the change in rates.

We have talked before about headaches from a massage perspective previously. However, there are many reasons for headaches that may be cause to see a physiotherapist as well. Check out this case study for headaches from the neck! Case Study NP What does it feel like? NP comes into the clinic, he is a 35 year […]

Talking toddlers can have a wide variety of ability. Do you ever wonder if your toddler is on track with their speech and language development? Speech-Language and Audiology Canada has outlined some things to look for with talking toddlers.   18 to 24 months: Understand more words than he/she can say Say two words together […]

Often pain with intimacy is brushed off “oh you’ve had kids”, “just relax”, “have a drink and you’ll be fine”. If you have heard this rhetoric be the one to stop the narrative! Here we go through a case study on dyspareunia after having kids! Case Study PD What does it feel like? A mom […]

With summer coming to a close, this commonly finds people craving routine. Summer is a fabulous time for cold treats and less structure around mealtimes (wiener roasts at any time of day, road-side lunches, and last-minute-what-do-we-BBQ dinners). With school and sport activities set to start, there’s a real desire to get our food situation back […]

I am truly grateful for the amazing team we have at Warman Physio. Through all the COVID changes we have been able to work together and make the necessary changes (nearly) seamlessly. We are so thankful for our amazing clients that have been understanding and accommodating with all the new policies and procedures. Without the […]

At Warman Physio we love a good case study! Our case studies are all hypothetical scenarios and are not based on any one client interaction, but is rather a sum of expectations and experiences. This particular case study we will go through (front of the) knee pain! Case Study KP What does it feel like? […]