Headaches are one of the most common physical problems that many people live with on a frequent basis. Whenever a client presents with a headache or a history of headaches I really like to investigate to see how I can help improve their condition. Just asking a few simple questions might lead us to an […]

Let’s put it out there from the beginning – the amount of stead-fast, hard research on what “actually works” to “potty train” kids is lacking. For this reason, I have taken the key factors and milestones that are seen clinically for readiness and complied some things for us to think more critically about related to […]

Physiotherapy Case Study Carpal Tunnel A 28 year old individual came into the clinic with right sided dull forearm pain, tingling with pins and needles into the hand. The pain started without any cause and has just gotten worse over the last two months. It also seems that the hand is worse at night and […]

Happy 4 year birthday to us! I am so grateful and also humbled to be able to celebrate our fourth year in business today. I’ve been taking some time to reflect on the past 4 years in business here in Warman serving the community and surrounding areas (from Lloydminster to Davidson!) and I am so […]

In today’s day and age where information is literally at our finger tips via your smart phone, laptop, and all other technology, it is no surprise when clients come into the clinic armed with excellent information. However, it is far to common that out-dated information, old wives tales, and unfounded statements are being perpetuated. As […]

At Warman Physio our therapists focus on excellence. Providing excellent, comprehensive, up-to-date care, as well as a personable and compassionate care. This is why going to courses, reading research, is so important… and being a little bit “nerdy” comes in handy 😉   This past weekend I took a course from Antony Lo, an outstanding […]