At Warman Physio our therapists focus on excellence. Providing excellent, comprehensive, up-to-date care, as well as a personable and compassionate care. This is why going to courses, reading research, is so important… and being a little bit “nerdy” comes in handy 😉   This past weekend I took a course from Antony Lo, an outstanding […]

WHAT? Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and KIDS? Pelvic floor physiotherapy is not just for adults. Even our little people have pelvic floors, and they do have issues with those pint-sized pelvic floors sometimes. Ok sure, but what could they need help with exactly? Pediatric Pelvic Floor refers to children under the age of 18. So we […]

✨!LIGHT THE NIGHT TIME! ✨ As many of you know, our clinic does fundraising for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society​ via Light the Night in Saskatoon. Every year we have tried to do a little more, and last year we were able to raise over $1000 for Light the Night! Haylie’s Story: Another year […]

March was Endometriosis Awareness month, and we have provided some information related to endo for everyone on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). If you are wondering what endometriosis looks like for someone living with it, you can check out the story we posted earlier in the month. As promised here are some of the […]

I am so thrilled to be back seeing clients, and I am honored to be booking an entire MONTH in advance! Due to the high demand, and my increased need for Pediatric Pelvic Floor, an area that currently only I am treating within the clinic, I am going to have to limit my schedule. At […]

For Endometriosis Awareness Month, we wanted to give our readers a true story to hear from. The individual that wrote this story has not been seen at the clinic, and is in no way affiliated with Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness. She, like many others, wants to raise awareness, give some of her symptoms, and hopefully, […]