ATTENTION: the Warman Physio team is now offering telehealth services which allows us to continue to support you from the comfort of your own home.

We will continue to require COVID screening questionnaires and masking in our facility for the foreseeable future.

We thank you for your continued support!

Do you have aches and pains from your new baby? Did you know that some of this may be helped by being aware of the positioning of your own body? I am writing to discuss the importance of your body position while feeding your baby. The “Baby Feeding Ergonomics”. Let’s start by being realistic You’re […]

It has been nearly a year since the world stood still here in Saskatchewan. Prior to the pandemic we had the technology to provide virtual services, but it was still considered best practice to see people in-person for all services. This changed rapidly March 18, 2020. In practicing virtual services since this time for the […]

It is another New Year. A time of change and reflection. Last year we wrote our New Year blog with the knowledge that the year was going to be VERY different. Forced changes were happening even as the holidays were gearing up. What we didn’t know is how much of a collective experience having control […]

We have talked before about headaches from a massage perspective previously. However, there are many reasons for headaches that may be cause to see a physiotherapist as well. Check out this case study for headaches from the neck! Case Study NP What does it feel like? NP comes into the clinic, he is a 35 year […]

Talking toddlers can have a wide variety of ability. Do you ever wonder if your toddler is on track with their speech and language development? Speech-Language and Audiology Canada has outlined some things to look for with talking toddlers.   18 to 24 months: Understand more words than he/she can say Say two words together […]

Often pain with intimacy is brushed off “oh you’ve had kids”, “just relax”, “have a drink and you’ll be fine”. If you have heard this rhetoric be the one to stop the narrative! Here we go through a case study on dyspareunia after having kids! Case Study PD What does it feel like? A mom […]