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What does the dietitian at Warman Physio do?

Hi, I’m Jessica the dietitian. I’m a private practice dietitian which means I don’t work for the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). I see clients both in-person at the clinic and virtually. Clients are usually looking for a private practice dietitian because their doctor told them to see a dietitian and the SHA dietitians are all […]

Halloween Candy & Cravings

Since it is the beginning of November, it’s likely your kids have acquired large quantities of candy. Or, if you’re like me, you only had four trick or treaters this year and now have a lot of candy hanging around. Either way, this situation can bring up some uncertainty, fear, and shame for kids and […]

Why Should I Sit to Pee?

Half the population doesn’t give it much thought. The other half have various opinions. For people that have the option to stand to pee, here are some reasons to sit!   Potty Learning When young children are first learning to use the toilet, it can be easier to teach them to stand to pee. Maybe […]

Baby Feeding Ergonomics

Do you have aches and pains from your new baby? Did you know that some of this may be helped by being aware of the positioning of your own body? I am writing to discuss the importance of your body position while feeding your baby. The “Baby Feeding Ergonomics”. Let’s start by being realistic You’re […]

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Why Virtual Services?

It has been nearly a year since the world stood still here in Saskatchewan. Prior to the pandemic we had the technology to provide virtual services, but it was still considered best practice to see people in-person for all services. This changed rapidly March 18, 2020. In practicing virtual services since this time for the […]